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Climate Resilience

Climate threats including flooding, extreme heat, wildfire, and impaired air quality continue to increase, with the most vulnerable in our community facing the largest impact. Santa Clara County must adapt to keep its communities safe and resilient against climate hazards while increasing equity and quality of life for all. Decision-makers, staff, project partners, and community-based organizations can use this site to learn where and how to implement effective and efficient solutions to improve equitable climate resilience in the county. 

Watershed aerial taken from Google Earth

Planning at
the Watershed Level

Natural and nature-based solutions do not happen in a vacuum but are interconnected and part of a systems approach to adapting and mitigating climate change. The Collaborative strives to connect and amplify that action by looking at resilience throughout the Santa Clara County Watersheds, as well as understanding how natural and political systems can work together effectively to be more resilient.

Nature-based strategies have a range of benefits for communities, environments, and climate resilience. Nature Based Solutions incorporates natural processes into urban environments to maximize prevention against climate hazards. As a project is developed, keeping these benefits in mind will help to engage multiple stakeholders and needs.

Nature Based Strategy Benefit Graphic

Climate Resilience Tool

The Climate Resilience Tool provides nature-based approaches to four primary climate hazards impacting the County - Sea Level Rise, Riverine Flooding, Extreme Heat, and Wildfire.

Below are multiple ways to use and explore the tool. Start with a step-by-step method of determining scope and structure of your project. Next, look into physical and policy interventions focused on nature based resilience. Finally, review the Multi-Benefit Criteria to ensure your community and environment will benefit fully from your proposed solutions.

Process Guidance

Go through a step-by-step process to determine which nature-based solutions may work for your jurisdiction or project. 

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