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Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) Work Group 

The CPRG Work Group was formed to work collaboratively on regional climate action planning as part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) Program. The region was awarded a $1M Planning Grant to develop two regional climate action plans that will set ambitious targets and outline strategies to decrease greenhouse gas emissions across Santa Clara County and San Benito County, while prioritizing low income and disadvantaged communities and workforce development.

Current Work Group Chairs

● County of Santa Clara Office of Sustainability Staff

Work Group Resources

Meeting Materials

May 8, 2024

• Implementation Grant Recap
• CCAP Regional Measure Discussion
• Outreach Approach

February 15, 2024

• PCAP and Implementation Grant
• Stakeholder Engagement

December 13, 2023

• Implementation Grant
• Stakeholder engagement

March 13, 2024

• PCAP Submission Debrief
• Implementation Grant Update
• Shifting to CCAP

January 18, 2024

• Review List of Measures and Actions
• Stakeholder engagement

November 14, 2023

• Phase I and Phase II of CPRG
• PCAP and CCAP components

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