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Climate Change
in Santa Clara County

The climate is changing resulting in increased temperatures and frequency of extreme weather events, sea level rise, and more severe droughts. These climate impacts are intensifying the risks to humans, the environment, and critical infrastructure in Santa Clara County. Collective and immediate action must be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to keep our communities safe and resilient while increasing equity and quality of life for all.

No one entity or organization can overcome the scale of the climate crisis. Organizing at the countywide scale, through the Santa Clara County Climate Collaborative, will help leverage solutions that will enable transformative change at the individual, community, institutional and regional levels. 

This website is designed to provide a central hub for climate information for the County Climate Collaborative. 

About the Collaborative

The Collaborative is a multi-sector network and community of practice for public agencies, academia, nonprofit and community-based organizations, and business and community leaders to advance regional solutions to climate change through resource and expertise sharing, joint-funding opportunities, and partnership development.

Vision For A Resilient Santa Clara County

We envision a Santa Clara County where diverse stakeholders come together to partner on and coordinate regional strategies to combat climate change and protect people and the natural environment while advancing strategies to eliminate inequities and improve the quality of life for all.

Climate Mitigation

The County, with assistance from the Collaborative, is currently developing the Community Climate Roadmap 2035, which will align efforts across various public agencies, outline actions for public agencies and partners to take collectively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help leverage and facilitate partnerships for regional solutions to climate change.

Climate Resilience

In addition to climate mitigation, the County Collaborative is focused on how to effectively adapt to a changing climate over time and become more resilient to increasing climate hazards, particularly related to Sea Level Rise, Riverine Flooding, Extreme Heat, and Wildfire. This website provides connections to resources for climate resilience, as well as a multilayered Nature-Based Strategies (NbS) Resilience tool.


Below are multiple ways to use and explore the tool: by topic, via a step-by-step process, or by diving into physical interventions or policy interventions. 

Process Guidance

Go through a step-by-step process to determine which nature-based solutions may work for your jurisdiction or project. 

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